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Super Long Wood-effect Porcelain Tiles

Combining the natural warmth of wood with the strength of porcelain, wood-effect porcelain tiles have become one of the key emerging trends in interior design. These indoor tiles provide elegance and style whilst being highly durable, scratch and chip resistant and extremely easy to clean – making them the perfect choice for almost any room or wall in your home.

Wood-effect porcelain tiles from -2

Wood-effect porcelain tiles from

Because porcelain is resistant to moisture, these tiles can be installed in areas where wood cannot and require far less maintenance, making them a stylish and long-lasting option. Porcelain is tested in line with the Health and Safety Executive to give it slip-resistant ratings, from R9 to R12. These are achieved by adding abrasive particles to the surface, or through the wood-effect patterns grooved into the surface, making them safe to use in bathrooms, wet rooms, kitchens and outside.

Wood-effect porcelain tiles from -3

Wood-effect porcelain tiles from

One of our absolute favourites is our Komi range, from Italy (pictured in this post). These super long, on-trend imitation wood creations offer the warmth and texture of natural wood combined with the practicality of porcelain, delivering contemporary minimalism to your home. They are 240 cm long and have been designed to recreate the seamless beauty of the veining and knots found in real wood. They are available with a nuanced finish in 5 natural tones, offering a sense of intense harmony and comfort, and are absolutely beautiful.

Tile Studio Esher Esher Showroom

Wood-effect porcelain tiles at our Esher Showroom

We love the Komi tiles so much that we have used them on the floor of our new Esher showroom! So if you would like to see these beauties in action along with our full wood-effect porcelain tile range please do not hesitate to come and visit. Our highly experienced team is here to provide expert advice from the practical to any design questions too. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Esher: 020 8741 2452 Esher: 020 85472551 or email [email protected]

Wood-effect porcelain tiles from -5

Wood-effect porcelain tiles from

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