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Have you considered porcelain tiles for your outdoor and external spaces? Porcelain is the perfect material for outdoor tiles. Give your outdoor space a designer feel with practical porcelain and make the most of your sunny days in the garden.

A huge number of our beautiful Italian and Spanish tiles aren’t just good for inside your home. Porcelain is used across the world as an outdoor tile. So when you hear designers or architects talking about bringing the outside in, it is totally achievable with many of our ranges. 

For residential projects you can use most of our current best sellers as outdoor tiles. Wood-effect porcelain, cement-effect porcelain, natural stone-effect porcelain etc…

If it’s porcelain it will work outside. Porcelain is engineered to be frost resistant. The combination of the raw materials used and the ceramic process yields a porcelain tile that is vitrified, highly durable, scratch resistant, strong and resistant to temperature extremes. So don’t worry about the sub-zero UK temperatures in winter. Outdoor tiles made from porcelain will withstand them. The wonderful thing about porcelain for your outdoor tiles is it is so hardy. It is durable, very difficult to scratch or chip and will last for years.

Imagine Porcelain in Caliza from Tile Studio Esher

Porcelain is tested in line with the Health and Safety Executive to give it slip-resistant ratings, from R9 to R12. These are achieved by adding abrasive particles to the surface, or through patterns grooved into the surface The higher the slip rating the rougher the tile is to the touch. We would generally recommend an R10 and above slip rating for outdoor residential projects but talk to us directly about this and we will advise the best slip rating depending on your needs.

Outside porcelain

To achieve that seamless look; bringing the outside in, is easy.  The same tile can be used for your indoor tiles as your outdoor tiles. You can use very large format porcelain tiles for this type of project. You could even use the same tile but change the shade for an alternative look. Check out my idea book on our Houzz Pro page.

The trusty victorian tile is also a great candidate for your outdoor space. These tiles are specifically designed for outdoor use.

Victorian Floor Tiles by Original Style from Tile Studio Esher


Until recently this porcelain used for outdoor tiles has been the same thickness as the indoor tiles. It needs adhesive and grouting but a new product is now on the market. We now have 20-30mm thick tiles specifically for outdoor use. The advantage of these is that they can be laid directly onto grass, sand, gravel etc… with no adhesive or grout required. The look is quite different and they are proving very popular. It’s a totally new take on paving stones. Here’s a mention of these new outdoor tiles on the apartment therapy blog

And if you are planning a swimming pool for your garden, (who isn’t?) we have the best selling range of porcelain from Italy and Spain, specifically suited to pools.

Mystery Porcelain in Blue Stone from Tile Studio Esher

Imagine Porcelain in Arenisca from Tile Studio Esher

If you have any questions or would like to see examples of our extensive outdoor tile range please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our highly experienced team will give you expert advice from the practical to any design questions too.

Esher: 020 8741 2452 Esher: 01372 466 318 or email [email protected]


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