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Sophisticated and romantic, the new collection takes its inspiration from the atmosphere of the world’s most famous Lagoon, the jewel in Italy’s crown, a city that has been home to a lively artistic and urban lifestyle for centuries. Venice offers a fascinating take on industrial brickwork, bringing an original, contemporary twist. The 6×25 brick tile comes in elegant new colours that are the fruit of unprecedented research. The hallmark feature of the Venice collection is the unique type of body, which differs from the traditional process, using only stoneware powder, in that a percentage of glass is added. Because it melts and compacts at lower temperatures than classic stoneware, this mix makes it possible to obtain beautifully exclusive glazes that preserve the resistance of the tile. The elegance of this singular manufacturing process combines effectively with the distinctive features and technical characteristics of stoneware, resulting in a ceramic product with a striking appearance and such impressive resistance that it can be used on floors.

Colours – silver / copper / gold