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The range of colours, the utterly complete assortment of shapes and different surface finishes make Sideways a solution with “character” for designing spaces that are always new and unique in their style and type.

The range is completed by mosaics and decorative inserts, including 3D Mosaic, which break away from the traditional orthogonality of ceramic products allowing more freedom in tile layouts.

Perfect for gardens and outdoor areas, Sideways is the result of research into solutions for outdoors offering the ideal combination of performance, looks and versatility.

Available in 8,5 mm thickness for the 20×40 / 20×20 and 20 mm thickness for the 40×80.

Colours: Grey, Sand, Hearth, Black

Sizes: 20×80, 60×60, 30×60, 40×80, 20×20, 20×80 Mosaic 3D, 30×60 Mix Sizes, 30×30 Mosaic