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Industrial is a range of full-body coloured, rectified stoneware – especially designed to meet the needs of both private customers and professional designers.

Reminiscent of old, worn terracotta tiles and shades of concrete, this range reinterprets these materials to reveal unique surfaces inspired by industrial architecture and informal workplaces – designed to take centre stage in more sophisticated living spaces.

Four hybrid shades with an unexpected blend of clay and cement, in slabs of various dimensions, including modular pieces which are ideal for use as flooring and wall coverings in almost every setting.

There are two variations: with a satin finish or a textured finish specifically designed for outdoor use.

The range is completed by mosaics and decorative inserts, including original 8.5×8.5 hexagonal tiles, which break away from the traditional orthogonality of ceramic products allowing more freedom in tile layouts.

Colours: Bisque / Tan / Ash / Graphite

Sizes: 60×120 / 30×120 / 40×80 / 60×60 / 30×30 Mosaic / 8.5×8.5 Hexagonal