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Cement is a primitive and essential matter, reinterpreted here with its own style and enriched through a deep research to offer brand new and original decorative solutions.

Color and matter are DOCKS’ project coordinates, displayed in coloured body porcelain tiles, defined by structure’s movements, texture’s design and the particular tactility, extremely soft. Both floor and wall coating, the tiles compose a contemporary signed surface inspired by modern architecture cements: settings acquire harmony and shape, where materials play the leading role.

The chromatic range is composed by six neutral and complementary tones, extremely versatiles and disposable in two different surface’s finishes. The natural one, light absorbing, is soft to the touch and has good anti-slip properties; the patinated surface instead, thanks to its particular light reflection feature, is able to give an intense and suggestive aged effect.

Docks is a wide and articulate collection that originates from 60×60 and 40×80 slabs, that multiplied for the large number of obtainable formats and for the several edges and surfaces finishes gives up to 16 different types among floors and coatings, outfitted with decors and special pieces.

6 colours – Silver / Grey / Black / White / Bone / Warm

2 finishes – Natural / Patinated