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How does electric underfloor heating work and does it work with porcelain tiles?

Does leaving your warm bed in the depths of winter start your day off on the wrong foot? Fear the cold no more as we walk you through the benefits of combining electric underfloor heating with porcelain tiles. An energy efficient and cost effective heating system with a beautiful and practical flooring solution. Take a look at a few favourites from our Esher and Esher tile boutiques, to keep you warm and cosy this winter. 

Why electric underfloor heating?

Electric underfloor heating creates a warm comfortable environment using a radiant heating system, which works by warming the colder surfaces in the room as opposed to relying on air circulation like traditional central heating systems. The electric underfloor heating mats, made of heating cable attached to a fibreglass mesh scrim, are simply rolled out onto the floor, making installation quick and easy. Complete with double sided tape on the underside they are easily fixed to any clean surface. Electric underfloor heating provides a highly efficient, low-cost way to heat your home.

Why porcelain? Does it work with electric underfloor heating?

There are many reasons why Porcelain provides the perfect partner to electric underfloor heating;

Handle the heat – Dealing with temperature change on a regular basis is no problem for porcelain, with the physical appearance of the tile remaining the same under the heat. They will not crack under the pressure!

Energy efficient – Due to the makeup of the material, porcelain is a great insulator. Once the tiles are warmed, they hold the heat for longer than natural stone, keeping the room warmer for longer.

Quick to heat up –  Porcelain tiles are usually 8mm-12mm in thickness (compared to Porcelain alternatives such as marble, slate and other natural stones which can be up to 20mm thick), allowing the temperature to rise more quickly and heat up the room faster.

Cost Effective – The energy efficiency of porcelain mentioned above combined with the fact that electric underfloor heating is cheaper to install and run than a water underfloor heating system, make porcelain tiles and electric underfloor heating an extremely cost effective and energy efficient pair.

Water Resistant – Porcelain is non porous making it the perfect flooring solution for a bathroom or kitchen space. The glazed surface is impervious to water, so the tile itself and the underfloor heating, will be safe from potential leaks and liquid damage.

Durable – Known as one of the toughest flooring options available in the market, their dense makeup consisting of the fusion of clays elevates porcelain above other competitors in this category providing longevity to your floor and underfloor heating solution.

Choice – There are so many options nowadays when it comes to porcelain tiles; wood-effect, stone-effect, marble-effect, plain tiles, patterned tiles, tiles as small as a onc penny piece to as large as 120x120cm; whatever the look you are after, porcelain has the answer! Making electric underfloor heating a welcome addition to any room regardless to the look and feel of flooring required.

Versatile – Porcelain tiles are no longer just for bathrooms and kitchens, more and more of our customers are opting for porcelain throughout the home providing a continuous flowing flooring and underfloor heating solution throughout – dreamy!

Tile Studio Esher Electric Underfloor Heating Solution

Here at Tile Studio Esher we use ECOFLOOR electric underfloor heating by Flexel International. Flexel, one of the leaders in the space, have been manufacturing and supplying innovative electric underfloor heating systems and accessories to the world market since 1978. Based in the UK you can be confident that the most stringent wiring regulations have been met. For more technical information on the installation and use of ECOFLOOR underfloor heating please do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call us or pop in for a chat at our Esher and Esher showroom. There is also more information on the Flexel International website at

Our porcelain tile picks to pair with electric underfloor heating

Here are some of our favourite porcelain tiles that we think would go beautifully with the warmth of electric underfloor heating;

Bentonepoque – Patterned tiles are taking over the world and we can see why! Choose Bentonepoque (see image below) for modern luxury combined with a vintage aura, a contemporary twist on the classic patterned tile. Does the view come with?!

NO_W – If a stone look is what you desire then the NO_W collection (see image below) could be the right choice for you. The range combines the graphic minimalism of northern European stone with a pleasantly varied colour effect. A soft natural stone look with pure, minimalist surfaces. Made cosy with electric underfloor heating and an open fire!

A personal review of electric underfloor heating with porcelain tiles

I was a tad hesitant during our recent bathroom renovation when deciding whether or not the addition of electric underfloor heating was a necessary spend, at a time where it felt like we were haemorrhaging money! But boy am I glad we went for it and made the decision to add electric underfloor heating to our new bathroom. I have always loved a bath with the only downside being getting out onto the cold bathroom floor.. not anymore! We opted for wood-effect floor tiles from the Komi range laid over ECOFLOOR electric underfloor heating, both from from Tile Studio Esher (of course). We are so happy with the result. The feeling of warm cosy luxury beneath our feet pre and post bath is absolutely wonderful. For a small additional cost to your bathroom renovation (and full house renovation for that matter) electric underfloor heating gets a ‘highly recommended’ from me! Now to convince the other half that we need it in all the other rooms!

We hope this has been a useful read and please feel free to come and discuss any ideas you may have with us at our Esher or Esher Showrooms. Our highly-experienced team are here to give you expert advice, on both technical and design queries.

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