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Patterned Tiles from our shop in Esher

Patterned tiles have been flying off the shelves at our showrooms in Esher, Esher and Esher, and it’s not hard to see why! With so many unique designs and colours available, patterned tiles are the perfect way to add character and style to your home. We thought it would be fun to create a blog post curating some of our favourite patterned tiles for you to browse! We hope you enjoy!

How does electric underfloor heating work and does it work with porcelain tiles?

Does leaving your warm bed in the depths of winter start your day off on the wrong foot? Fear the cold no more as we walk you through the benefits of combining electric underfloor heating with porcelain tiles. An energy efficient and cost effective heating system with a beautiful and practical flooring solution. Take a look at a few favourites from our Esher and Esher tile boutiques, to keep you warm and cosy this winter. 

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Loft Style Living

7 fabulous flooring options for that New York Loft Look

If you’re as obsessed with the industrial loft look as we are, then you’re in luck! We have compiled our favourite flooring options for loft style living spaces using different types of tiles to appeal to every taste. Now please can someone find me a loft to live in (and possibly pay for it too)!

1. Wood Effect Tiles

All the beauty and warmth of natural wood with all the practicality, strength and durability of porcelain. Our Bentonwood wood effect tiles are available in 4 colours; white, grey, clay  and mud, and offer a unique and demanding look, perfect for every loft style space. Please click on the pictures to view the full  range on our website!

loft Clay-Mud-patterns-mix-wall_Betonwood-Clay-225x90-15x90-floor1

2. Stone Effect Tiles

Stone effect tiles are a beautiful and versatile choice for your loft style project. Made from the strongest, eternal material, using the most advanced porcelain tile technology, the problems of porosity and abrasion typical of quarry materials are solved. Our Portraits stone effect tiles are available in 7 colours and our Marstood range in 5 colours, both offered in 3 finishes, for a contemporary yet elegant look.

Ambiente KirkbyAStone05_60x120matt_copertina

3. Concrete Effect Tiles

These Industrial concrete effect porcelain tiles are a perfect choice for your loft style space. A marvelous interpretation of oxidized cement, full of character and charm and ideal for ultra modern, minimalist and neutral spaces. Our Industry range is available in three colours; titanium, silver, iron and both a matt or shiny finish. You might also want to check out our Backstage concrete effect tiles, which are available in mega sizes at 75 x 150 cm and 75 x 75 cm for maximum impact!

Industry Tiles from Tile Studio Esher Industry Tiles in Titanium 90x90 from Tile Studio Esher

4. Patterned / Encaustic Tiles

If you’re looking for something a bit different, Marco Major, our encaustic effect porcelain stoneware. These beautiful tiles can be laid as random patchwork or in repeat with the same pattern for an eye-catching approach to loft flooring. Please also feel free to take a look at the full range of our Encaustic Tiles here for colours and patterns to suit every palette.


5. Marble Effect Tiles

If you’re looking for sophisticated loft style, then look no further than our beautiful marble effect porcelain tiles. The richest and most precious material in nature, by reproducing it using advanced porcelain tile technology we can overtake all the technical limits of the quarry material. Our Marstood marble effect tiles are available in in 4 colours and three finishes; polished, matt and rigato adding a sense of modernity to this everlasting material.

Marble04_60x120matt 4615664e766399767abc560f154802fd

6. Stone + Wood Effect Tile Combo

A great way to create a completely unique loft style space is by pairing wood effect and stone effect tiles. The combination of tiles adds an uber modern twist to any loft project,  creating a trendy and interesting look. Our Portraits stone effect tiles are based on 7 carefully selected natural stones and complement beautifully our wide range of wood effect tiles. One of our favourite wood effect ranges is Komi, availbale in a super long length of 240cm for contemporary minimalism at its finest.

Ambiente Fowey

7. Brick Effect Tiles

No loft would be complete without a splash of exposed brick, and what better way to achieve this look than with brick-effect porcelain tiles! Our London brick effect tiles, manufactured with such impressive resistance, can be used on floors as well as walls, ready to enliven your loft with an original urban and metropolitan allure. Available in 7 colours and 3 sizes to suit every vibe.


If you have any questions or would like to see some of these fabulous tiles in the flesh please do not hesitate to get in touch! Our highly-experienced team are here to give you expert advice, on both practical and design queries.

Esher: 020 8741 2452    |    Esher: 01372 466 318    |    Email: [email protected]

Music this week comes from Peter Silberman, the perfect track to enjoy as Autumn draws in, “New York”:

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Real Homes – Emily & Chris

We are very excited to share the first in our series of “Real Home” features, where over the next few months we will be visiting some of our lovely customers and checking out their completed tiling projects. First stop, Emily and Chris’ gorgeous apartment in Tunbridge Wells. We hope you love it as much as we do!

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Summer Loving – Our five favourite outdoor living spaces

Are you looking for some outdoor living inspiration? Here are five of our favourite outdoor spaces this summer…

1. Courtyard Oasis

 Image 1 - Courtyard Oasis (Photo credit

We are loving these Italian inspired patio courtyards, the perfect sanctuary to relax in, read a book, catch up with friends and family over a glass of wine and of course satisfy all your al fresco dining needs. This a great way to convert a small outside space into your own courtyard oasis and by adding flowers, plants and trees create a little slice of heaven in your urban outdoors. At Tile Studio Esher we have a huge range of Victorian ceramic tiles that can be used outdoors to recreate this stylish look.

2. Rustic Beauty

Image 3 - Rustic Beauty (Photo credit

On the theme of outdoor dining, how amazing is this boho inspired patio and outdoor dining space. Stone effect porcelain tiles are perfect for outdoor use as they are engineered to be frost and water resistant and can be laid directly onto grass, sand or gravel with no adhesive or grout required. By pairing light coloured floor tiles with restored wood furniture and lighting, recreating this rustic outdoor patio is simple. Pop into one of our shops to see our fabulous range of outdoor stone effect tiles. Photo credit

3. Marshmallow Dreams

Image 4 - Marshmallow Dreams (Photo credit

There is nothing better than toasting marshmallows on the fire, and where better to do it than in the comfort of your own back garden. Fire pits are so hot right now, and this inspiration just shows that even in the smallest of gardens, you can create a cosy outdoor snug and enjoy the beautiful summer evenings all night long. Converting a hard to maintain lawn into a tiled patio could be a great way to recreate this look, and we think both light and dark coloured tiles would look fabulous. Our Sideways porcelain tiles come in a range of colours and finishes to provide outdoor flooring that is both stylish and durable. Photo credit

4. Pool Party

Image 6 - Pool Party (Photo credit www.tilestudioesher.comoutdoor-tiles)

We are totally obsessed with this outdoor pool side patio area, created using concrete effect porcelain tiles for a clean and modern look, perfect for your summer pool parties! Doesn’t the light coloured concrete-effect tiles look dreamy with the white sunbeds? Minimalist heaven! Porcelain is moisture and slip-resistant so the perfect pool side flooring. We have the best-selling range of porcelain from Italy and Spain, specifically suited to pools – come in and take a look. Photo credit

5. Pergola Paradise

Image 7 - Pergola Paradise (Photo credit

There’s something quite magical about sitting under a pergola covered in fairy lights. They can instantly convert your patio into a tranquil paradise and create the perfect ambience for your BBQ, fire pit, outdoor dining or lounging area. We love the use of stone effect porcelain tiles for this type of patio, providing the elegance and feel of natural stone with the practicality of porcelain. Pop in to take a look and speak to one of our team. Photo credit

If you have any questions or would like to see samples of some of our tiles please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our highly-experienced team are here to give you expert advice, on both practical and design side of things.

Esher: 020 8741 2452    |    Esher: 01372 466 318    |    email [email protected]

Music this week comes from Allman Brown, sit in the garden, close your eyes and enjoy the British summer, “Sweetest Thing”:

Allman Brown “Sweetest Thing”

Now pass me my book and a glass of wine while I continue to day dream about these beautiful outdoor spaces!

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Super Long Wood-effect Porcelain Tiles

Combining the natural warmth of wood with the strength of porcelain, wood-effect porcelain tiles have become one of the key emerging trends in interior design. These indoor tiles provide elegance and style whilst being highly durable, scratch and chip resistant and extremely easy to clean – making them the perfect choice for almost any room or wall in your home.

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Outdoor tiles

Have you considered porcelain tiles for your outdoor and external spaces? Porcelain is the perfect material for outdoor tiles. Give your outdoor space a designer feel with practical porcelain and make the most of your sunny days in the garden.

A huge number of our beautiful Italian and Spanish tiles aren’t just good for inside your home. Porcelain is used across the world as an outdoor tile. So when you hear designers or architects talking about bringing the outside in, it is totally achievable with many of our ranges. 

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Concrete and cement style tiles for your home and design projects

A day doesn’t pass without an enquiry about concrete and cement style tiles for our customer’s homes and design projects.  Many have considered polished concrete and chosen against it for varying reasons. The main concern we hear, is staining.  Apparently stubborn stains like red wine and turmeric are particularly troublesome. If you have a penchant for red wine or Indian food perhaps best to steer clear of polished concrete? That’s probably about 90% of us isn’t it?

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The Tile Studio Esher top 5 tile design tips

You may have seen Tile Studio Esher and our top tips featured in the Independent (see bottom of page) and The Evening Standard recently. They were really helpful articles on how to turn a dated bathroom into a modern shower room, featuring tiles from Tile Studio Esher.  They have lots of great tips including one from us so I thought I’d write a blog post on Castelnau’s top 5 tile design tips. I’ve gathered these tips from our excellent shop managers, Mariano and David who between them have over 40 years experience in the tile industry, so you are in good hands!

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